The project will employ up to 300 construction workers at the Terminal Site for Phase I of the Project over the 29-month construction timeframe, in addition to hundreds of off-site workers to support the Project indirectly.

A similar number of employees will be required for an additional 24 months during Phase II construction. The terminal will employ 150 full time employees once operational.

It is the company’s commitment to give hiring preference to qualified local personnel throughout engineering and design, as well as future construction and operations

The construction and operation of the facility will create revenue for local businesses, either as suppliers/consultants or through increased business from the project workforce.

Revenue from Port Fourchon LNG will help fund infrastructure projects and local services.

When possible, we are going to use American sourced equipment, as our partners’ manufacturing plants will be based in the USA, such as CHART Industries (based in New Iberia, LA) which supplies the liquefaction process.

The LNG we produce will be used within the USA where possible and for export to America’s allies in Asia, improving our trade balance in the region. The export of LNG will help improve economic trade and ties between the U.S. and destination countries and can have widespread geopolitical benefits, including access for American allies to diverse sources of Energy and reducing European reliance on Russian natural gas supplies.

Natural gas is well documented to emit approximately 40 percent less pollutants than coal, significantly reducing the emission of greenhouses gases. The emission reductions are also significant in comparison with burning fuel oil.

Fourchon LNG is strongly committed to supporting a healthier environment by moving towards cleaner fuels such as natural gas.

Fourchon LNG is uniquely positioned to engage with a wide range of commercial markets throughout the world.