Fourchon LNG LLC is part of Energy World USA (EWUSA), engaged in the business of developing, constructing and operating a 5.0 MPTA LNG Production and Export Facility.

The Energy World family of companies has over 20 years’ experience in the safe production, storage, transportation and delivery of LNG. The construction arm of our group is about to complete a similar liquefaction plant in Sengkang, Indonesia. Energy World International, along with its technology and equipment supply strategic alliance partners are working together to develop both ends of the supply chain to open up new and exciting LNG markets.

Energy World has long promoted the use of cleaner fossil fuels and delivering clean energy to its global customers. The recent volatility in the cost of oil worldwide and increasing awareness of the negative environmental impact of burning traditional fossil fuels is shifting global awareness more and more to the use of alternative fuels, including LNG.

Energy World intends to take further advantage of this shift by utilizing the company’s longstanding knowledge and expertise in energy and in LNG specifically to produce and deliver clean energy worldwide.



Energy World is developing an LNG Hub that is stationed in the Philippines province of Quezon, in the municipality of Pagbilao. The site offers a protected, deep water port and is isolated from major population centers. This will enable U.S. gas to open up a market in the Philippines to serve 100 million people. Our hub will also support the Asian LNG market and facilitate regional trading.

There is a development of 650MW CCGT or Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Powerplant on the site to supply power to the Luzon Grid Philippines using gas from Fourchon LNG. The Pagbilao LNG Hub Terminal & Power Plant are Designed and Constructed to the Highest International Standards. Energy world directly employs over 400 workers + Sub Contractors and Downstream Industries.


The Sengkang Power Plant comprises generating plants and auxiliary facilities. It is designed currently to deliver 315 MW (total rated output of 357MW), using two combined cycle plants, Block 1, which is 135 MW (Gross Output 161.6MW), and Block 2, which is 180 MW (Gross Output 196MW).